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Inflate a balloon via live interactive site Puff Up Club, then watch it pop


Interactive design studio Moniker has created Puff Up Club, an online interactive installation where visitors to the website can collectively blow up a real balloon until it pops.

Users need to team up to blow on the balloon, located in Moniker’s Amsterdam studio, by clicking on the “puff” button. When enough people “puff” at the same time, they can see the balloon start to inflate — and eventually pop — in real time via the live video feed. Each balloon will require more “puffs” than the last.

Moniker says the piece is a simple, effective construction that creates a state of fragile balance, and “an exciting moment of precariousness and tension.” The idea was inspired by the work of American artist Alexander Calder and Swiss artists Peter Fischli & David Weiss, and was commissioned to coincide with an exhibition on the artists at Fondation Beyeler in Switzerland.

“Our aim was to create an online installation that could bring people together as a group in order to change something in the real world. A bit like the two finger lifting trick mystics would perform with their audience, we invite the audience to come and click a button. Together we will inflate the balloon.”

The installation will be live until 17 June. The concept was designed by Moniker, with production and technical realisation by Random.