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Random International is unveiling their first UK permanent kinetic sculpture


Self & Other: Random International, 2016
Photography by Random International, courtesy Pace Gallery

Art collective studio Random International is unveiling their first permanent public sculpture in the UK. Self & Other will be located on the Albert Embankment, a section of London’s South Bank that is fast-becoming an arts and cultural quarter.

Random International, a collective famous for their renowned Rain Room, which has been exhibited in venues such as the MoMA and the Barbican Centre, create “site-specific installations and artworks that question aspects of identity and autonomy in the post-digital age”. Self & Other is the collective’s latest work to explore “the representation and perception of the self-image”. Speaking about the project, artists Florian Ortkrass and Hannes Koch say, “unlike works that are displayed in a museum or gallery, these pieces encourage participation from passers-by, inviting us to engage with both the work and one another in unexpected ways”. The sculpture is responsive, inviting physical interaction from onlookers, and as viewers move around the glass, “an illuminated reflection follows with a slight delay”.

The work by Random International, who work with Future\Pace, aims to promote a visual journey into the areas gallery quarter. Mark Davy, founder of Futurecity and co-founder of Future\Pace, comments, “the Thames is fast becoming a ‘cultural ribbon’, with major artworks along its length. Random International’s new permanent kinetic artwork will become an important cultural stopping point on that journey”.

Self & Other launches ahead of Art Night 2018 on July 7. As part of the evening, Random International will be joined by collaborator Studio Wayne McGregor. Wayne McGregor CBE will perform choreography in response to the sculpture, with music by Max Richter.


Future Self: Random International, 2012
Photography by Ravi Deepres, courtesy Future\Pace
Performance by Studio Wayne McGregor to a score by Max Richter