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Rankin, Antony Gormley and Mr Bingo donate works to Extinction Rebellion auction


Extinction Rebellion: Rebel Art Auction; Bid for the Truth

Environmental direct action group Extinction Rebellion is to auction off works by some big names in art in design in order to raise funds for its activism. The auction, which is planned for 13 September, will feature new paintings, prints, sculptures and objects by artist Antony Gormley, illustrator Mr Bingo, fashion designer Christopher Ræburn and photographer Rankin, among many others.

Each of the artists and designers have created works that “represent the truth around climate change” for the exhibition, a spokesperson for the organisation explains. Other creatives that have donated pieces include Aitor Throup, Build’s Micheal C Place, Ranny Cooper, Tom Hegen, Daniel Pinchbeck, Bethany Williams, Nathan VanHook, Patrick Thomas, Carl Turner, Rob Ryan, Tom Sharp, Jim Sutherland and Ditte Blohm.

The auction, called Rebel Art Auction; Bid for the Truth, will take place at the London HQ of design studio Accept & Proceed, which has also helped put the project together. A full catalogue of works available will be available to those that RSVP in the run up to the event.

Accept & Proceed founder David Johnston, says: “The climate crisis is a subject which unites us. There are no boundaries. We are stronger together and must actively seek out opportunities in order to maximise effectiveness. I ask all leaders in the creative sector to join forces. Unite, take action and amplify our collective power.”

Art and design have played a key role in the rise of Extinction Rebellion, which has a dedicated Arts Group responsible for the visual output of the climate activist movement. Earlier this month objects made by the organisation, such as XR’s branding created by This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll, flags and printed materials were acquired by the V&A.