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Rankin directs film for Unicef about child migrants



World famous photographer and director Rankin has teamed up with charity Unicef for a new campaign considering the horrors of war faced by children globally.

A Child is a Child takes a closer look at children across the world affected by war and poverty. Soundtracked by Bastille track Four Walls

The one minute-long film depicts migrant and refugee children in a room watching footage projected onto the walls of children in conflict zones around the world. It asks the viewer to consider them not as migrants or refugees but instead as children.

Rankin comment: “I love filming with kids – they are so expressive, they don’t hold anything back. As a dad, I can relate to kids, but every now and then, while we were shooting this, it would hit me what some of these kids had been through.

“Three Syrian children who were supposed to be in the film couldn’t come. The day before the shoot, their father found out that his brother had been killed in a bomb attack in Aleppo. These children still have close relatives in Syria who are in danger. They told me they miss their families and worry about them every day.”

“We shouldn’t label these kids and judge them when what they really need is love, safety and warmth. ‘Refugee’, what does that even mean to a child? A child is a child. And that is all that matters.”

The campaign was conceptualised by FCB Inferno.