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RBMA drop big batch of trading cards for the synth lover in your life


Red Bull Music Academy/Paul Paetzel

Ever wondered who’d win in a fight between Aphex Twin and Sun Ra? How about a battle royale featuring Suzanne Ciani, Kate Bush, Delia Derbyshire, and Laurie Spiegel? No? Are you sure? Are you honestly telling us that you’ve never whiled away a phone-less Megabus journey by contemplating just what would happen if Funkadelic’s Bernie Worrell found himself forced into a no holds barred match at Wrestlemania with Edgar Froese from Tangerine Dream? Right. Just us then.

Well, us and the team at Red Bull Music Academy by the looks of it, who have chosen to celebrate their Synths and Psychedelia week by asking German illustrator Paul Paetzel to assemble a series of trading cards that celebrate seven decades worth of electronic music history.

Featuring “stoned stargazers, funk fantasists and accidental acid alchemists alike,” the virtual cards, each card features a wanky illustration of each of the synth-wielding musicians alongside a set of vital statistics. Brian Eno, it turns out, has ‘oblique strategies’ as his special power, while Indian acid-house pioneer Charanjit Singh boasts “everyone and no one at once” as his disciples. Which is fun, isn’t it?

While we’re yet to actually play a game with said trading cards, we have been arranging our virtual deck on the off-chance that someone, anyone, will want to come round outs and conduct a synth-heavy duel.

If you’ve got modular madness, you’d do well to check the set of cards out in full over at RMBA right now, where they’ve just been released.


Red Bull Music Academy/Paul Paetzel


Red Bull Music Academy/Paul Paetzel


Red Bull Music Academy/Paul Paetzel