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RCA announces annual Secret exhibition, making art affordable for all


The Royal College of Art has announced its annual RCA Secret exhibition of postcard-sized artworks. The exhibition of over 2,000 works, intermixing both art heavy weights and promising students, will take place at the Battersea campus of the college from 9 – 15 September.

A regular staple since 1994, the exhibition creates excitement by selling artworks anonymously at the price of £55, and the identity of the artist is revealed once sold. Consequently, the annual event has established itself as a “unique and exciting art-world moment when a small part of the global contemporary art market is made accessible to all,” says the RCA’s Rector Dr Paul Thomson. “The generous support of the artists and designers who donate their work to this much-needed cause, enables us to stage this superb exhibition. Each year RCA Secret helps to provide opportunities to the emerging artists and designers of the future, who — as students — are often stretched to their limits financially.” All of the profits from the exhibition support the RCA Student Award Fund, which funds scholarships to attend the prestigious college.

This year’s exhibition includes works from Peter Blake and Tracey Emin to Sandra Rhodes and Paul Smith, among many notable others. “Every contribution is an original artwork, produced with the same rigour as any other work by the maker,” explains the RCA. “Although restricted to being postcard sized the subject matter and approaches vary widely, from photography and collage, to drawing, painting, and even sculpture and embroidery.”

The postcards will be released online on 8 September, and can be purchased throughout the exhibition. Collection is available on 16 September or via post, allowing the exhibition to remain intact during its duration for visitors to enjoy.


RCA Secret


RCA Secret


RCA Secret