Motion designer Paddy O'Hara teams up with rising alt-pop star Rebecca Phillips for a retina-wrecking video

25 July 2018

Paddy O’ Hara

Described by Clash as an “alt-pop riser”, London-based musician Rebecca Philips is a name worth keeping an eye on, her latest release, Burnt Peach is accompanied by a retina-wrecking video courtesy of graphic and motion designer Paddy O’Hara.

Paddy’s gelatinous and gravity-defying animation is the kind of music video that makes you glad people still put effort into music videos. It also gives you a glimpse into what an underwater club populated by jellyfish might look like. Which, if we’re honest, is something we wonder about more often than the average person.

Of the song itself, Rebecca says Burnt Peach "articulates the golden spot between desire and temptation in intimate encounters; it toys with the potentiality of intimate relationships and asks listeners to think about why we crave what could be dangerous to us.”

She’s asked rising club music star Object Blue, to give the song a warped and weighty rerub. “I asked Object Blue to remix the track because I find the combination of sounds she uses simultaneously intricate and bold: her work is unique, she knows how to tantalise the listener and tell a whole story within each song,” Rebecca says. “I love her interpretation of the track because it addresses the raw emotion and the subtext that is hidden within the original.”

Asked about his visual approach to the remix, Paddy says: “I wanted to create something that pushed the boundaries of form and create a warping sense of reality, whilst staying true to Rebecca’s overall creative vision. The idea is to take the audience on a journey that starts softly enough that then finally climaxes with a twisted visual representation of Rebecca’s lyrical message — all the while letting the angularity of Object Blue’s remix drive the motion sequences throughout.”

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