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Red Bull Music Academy works with top Canadian animators on The Junction series


Brandon Blommaert and Josh Holinaty for Red Bull Music Academy

Red Bull Music Academy has moved into animation with The Junction, a six-episode series by some of Canada’s most exciting animation talent.

Films by Patrick Doyon, Malcolm Sutherland, Dylan Glynn, Josh Holinaty, Brandon Blommaert, Hamish Lambert and Kyle Mowat bring to life stories about musical collaborations that came about in unexpected and funny ways. The animations are voiced by the musicians themselves and represent a variety in style, creative directed by Booooooom founder Jeff Hamada.

In the first episode Peaches and Chilly Gonzales chat about a basement jam session they had, animated by Oscar-nominated, Montreal-based filmmaker Patrick Doyon.

Kaytranada and River Tiber discuss their shared love for Brazilian music, animated beautifully with crayon drawings by Hamish Lambert.

Brandon Blommaert and Josh Holinaty have created a dreamy 3D animation for the latest episode, released today, in which A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs talk about how their label Fool’s Gold Records came about.

Three episodes are yet to come, featuring discussions between: Lunice, Ango and 247esp, animated by Malcolm Sutherland; Jessy Lanza and Jeremy Greenspan, animated by illustrator Dylan Glynn (4 October); and BadBadNotGood and Samuel T. Herring of Future Islands, animated by Kyle Mowat (6 October).

Watch the first three episodes below.


Hamish Lambert for Red Bull Music Academy


Kyle Mowat for Red Bull Music Academy


Dylan Glynn for Red Bull Music Academy


Malcolm Sutherland for Red Bull Music Academy