Alter your perception of time and space with a brand new animated video on Stones Throw Records

14 August 2018

Rejoicer, a.k.a. Yuvi Havkin, is an Israeli musician and producer who splices together funk, hip-hop, breakbeats and jazz rhythms, and his latest record is set to arrive on beat-scene stalwarts Stones Throw Records later this month. Which is great, you’re all thinking, but does it come with a suitably wonky visual accompaniment directed by Guy Glikshtein that pairs Russian dolls with high divers?

Yes, it does. “With Purple T-Shirts the big idea for the video was time,” Guy says, specifying that he honed in on non-linear time perception. “Mix in a bunch of seamlessly-looped visual metaphors, in an in and out-of-sync maximalist harmony that evokes more of a feeling than tells a literal story, and you got yourself one (gently) trippy video.”

The pair have collaborated on Yuvi’s album Energy Dreams, with Guy creating a whole raft of video content to go alongside the dreamy, undulating music. And yes, Guy’s visuals are also dreamy and undulating.

“I heard,” Guy says, “that if you watch the video five times after five sleepless nights with five people you don’t care much about, a bouncing eyeball would magically appear and grant you five wishes. Choose wisely.”

We can neither confirm nor deny said rumour, so watch the video below and don’t blame It’s Nice That if your wishes don’t come true.

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