The Renaissance Awards will award the first ever NFT prizes, championing sustainable enterprises

International young leaders dedicated to sustainability will be awarded the prizes designed by Eco-Age in collaboration with Method.

25 October 2021

Ahead of COP26 beginning next week, the Renaissance Awards is celebrating sustainability efforts worldwide with its official launch today focusing on young leaders. Each honouree has been awarded one of five NFT prizes, which the RAs hope will add infinite value to fund their enterprises.

Designs have taken their cues from each of the award categories and taken inspiration from the butterfly, which the awards put forward as a universal symbol of renewal. Method, the household, ecologically conscious brand donated the prizes, working with the RAs to create a design that embodies the positive growth and impact of the young leaders, and the background depicts a Renaissance art inspired scene taken from Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio where the awards took place.

Each NFT will be minted on the Cardano blockchain from, which was founded on peer-reviewed research. A blockchain, for those of us less familiar with the jargon, is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change. Cardano has dedicated its business to creating an ethical and environmentally secure blockchain.

Eco-Age and Method hope that the prizes are considered as well as unique, including a smart contract embedded within them, ensuring a percentage of the profits of all and any future sales will always come back to fund the enterprise of the young leader. Eco-Age prides itself on these prizes thus being the first of a kind and new standard in award prize-giving.

The Renaissance Awards is the first global awards that have been specifically created to celebrate the work of international young leaders working towards a more environmentally conscious, socially aware and economically inclusive future with their enterprises. The Awards were captured in a film featuring Nile Rodgers, Colin Firth and Gisele Bündchen, who all appeared in augmented reality inside the Palazzo Vecchio, on 18 October through Sky.

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Image courtesy of Eco-Age.

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