It’s Nice That joins Residence, a new group of companies with a vision to empower the creative community

Along with the three other businesses in the HudsonBec Group, our platform is today becoming one part of a thriving ecosystem of creative companies.

6 October 2022

Today marks the start of a new era for It’s Nice That. In the year that we celebrate the 15th anniversary of our first-ever published article back in 2007, we are delighted to announce that our platform is joining Residence, a new interdisciplinary network of companies with the shared vision of empowering the creative community at large.

Residence has been founded by the team behind the creative-services company BUCK, which has four offices around the world, from Sydney to Amsterdam, and which is the force behind some of the most exciting creative work around today (including our own collaboration, All in a Day’s Work for Mailchimp). The new entity has a collective mission of nurturing rising talent, encouraging egoless creativity, and fostering community among its members. Alongside BUCK, Residence will be made up of VTProDesign, Giant Ant, and the HudsonBec Group, which itself comprises four companies (It’s Nice That, Anyways Creative, Creative Lives in Progress, and If You Could).

This move will open up countless new opportunities for It’s Nice That and we hope also for you, our audience. Residence has offices and outposts across five countries and three continents, so will give our platform an even greater ability to speak to more people and forge connections with creative communities right around the world. Also, the shared ethos and vision of Residence will enable us to grow the scale of the positive impact we always set out to have on the creative industry.

However, we want to reassure you that our editorial integrity and independence will not be changing. As part of the HudsonBec Group, we sat alongside three other creative companies with a shared vision; yet our editorial team was always free to cover whatever topics, industry news or creative projects we felt our audience needed to know about and understand better. Today, we are becoming part of a new and more global collective, but that fundamental editorial autonomy will not be diminished.

Ryan Honey was one of the original co-founders of BUCK and will now be taking on a new role as Co-Chief Creative Officer of Residence. Speaking about the shared vision and values that underpin the new entity, he explains: “We’re building a place with incredible commercial and creative potential for its members. A place that enables entrepreneurial organisations and people to continue to take risks, innovate and grow. A place that connects the world’s most talented, creative people.”

At It’s Nice That, our mission is to inspire the global creative community. We exist to serve our audience, to inspire, inform and champion them and help them make more of their creativity. We truly believe that this new chapter will enable us to amplify this mission and to achieve it at an even larger scale. We’re excited to begin, and we hope you’ll join us for this next era of It’s Nice That.

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