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Françoise Mouly’s protest comic Resist! will be distributed on Trump’s inauguration


Gayle Kabaker: Resist

The New Yorker’s art editor Françoise Mouly and her daughter, writer Nadja Spiegelman, have guest edited a protest comic named Resist! The publication is being printed in a run of 55,000 copies today, to be distributed for free in Washington D.C. on 20 January, Trump’s presidential inauguration day, and at the Women’s March on 21 January.

Resist! will be published as a special issue of Gabe Fowler’s quarterly comic Smoke Signal, and comprise a series of illustrations and comics by artists created in response to Trump’s election.

A website dedicated to the one-off publication has been inviting submissions since November 2016, and received over 1,000 pieces of work, despite stating the work would be unpaid. The brief to submitting artists was to focus on “the theme of Not Our President, and political resistance to the forces of intolerance”. It states: “Resist forces that would divide us… Resist the normalisation of fascism.”

According to the site, the team was aiming to make the print version an all-women issue, though would “remain open-minded” and consider all submissions. It has been periodically publishing some of the submitted works on the site, some of which are shown here, including Gayle Kabaker’s cover image.

“I was imagining what women of all colors and ages might look like at the March on Washington,” says Gayle. “Determined. Angry yet hopeful. Brave. Strong. United.”

Resist! is also available to order online, for US only, and will be distributed at a handful of stores.


Anne Van Der Linden: Resist


Ellis Rosen: Resist


Anthony Russo: Resist


Emily Kesselman: Resist


Henrik Dreschler: Resist


Julie Wilson: Resist


Deborah Reilly: Resist


Tatiana Gill: Resist


Lauren Simkin: Resist