R/GA spearheads a character-led brand direction for lifestyle platform Zig

The Singapore-based Zig lets users book transport, plan journeys and connect with friends, all guided by a cast of animated characters or “‘Zig’fluencers”.

7 October 2021


A mash-up of all the apps we’ve grown to depend on – think Uber, Deliveroo, Google Maps and OpenTable all in one – Zig is a new Singapore-based lifestyle platform that lets its users book transport, journey plan and much more. The platform has now launched with a fresh identity and brand direction spearheaded by R/GA, the agency behind its business, experience, product and tech.

Besides booking transport and planning routes, users can also receive recommendations about tours, scenic spots, events and restaurants. They can also reconnect with or make new friends on the platform, meaning they can plan trips together and share their experiences. “We looked at people’s behaviours and how we could turn their habits and movement into a brand system,” says Ben Miles, executive creative director at R/GA, speaking about the inspiration behind the brand direction. “We also looked at mobility companies all over the world, and were intrigued by their bold, iconic and at times retro designs.” The team were also driven by Singapore as a city and wanted to capture its “diversity, energy and dynamism” in the identity, which took them around six months to complete all in all.

Additionally, the platform features a selection of animated characters designed by Ricardo Cabral, which includes Jing Xiu, Siti, Chris, Nicole and Vikesh, plus a whole host of fun gestures. Ben and the team refer to these characters as “Zig’fluencers”, noting that “their role was to help and inspire people to get out and about to discover more. The dancing grandma still makes me smile every time.”


R/GA: Zig (Copyright © R/GA, 2021)

“We developed a behavioural-driven design system that connects the brand, product and experience,” Ben continues. This has been achieved through the addition of the name Zig, which uses the letter “Z” as the “touchstone for experience and behaviour of the brand,” he adds. The letter also serves as a key denominator in the visual identity, “with our ‘Zig’ logo evoking a sense of meandering movement that conveys and activates discovery.”

Having now completed the brand after six months in the making, the team can now reflect on the whirlwind process. “Developing a new digital venture built in six months was huge, and we took a no pain, no gain mentality, and the team were very aware that it would take a massive effort in terms of collaboration and craftsmanship to bring this to the world,” explains Ben. What’s more, the team members have yet to meet each other in real life considering they’re all based across a number of places – 15 cities and six time zones to be precise. “But we made it,” says Ben, “and it was an incredible achievement and exemplifies the importance of diversity, empathy and collaboration.”

GalleryR/GA: Zig (Copyright © R/GA, 2021)

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R/GA: Zig (Copyright © R/GA, 2021)

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