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The humble Rice Krispie turns 90 today


Via Kellogg’s

The Rice Krispie, that most perfectly bland of perfectly bland breakfast cereals, turns 90 today, making it as old as Mickey Mouse, Burt Bacharach, and former Egyptian president Hosni Murbarak.

If you’re sat with a bowl of the little puffed grains right this second, wondering why It’s Nice That have decided to stop doing whatever important stuff it is they do of a day to cover the fact that a cereal has been on supermarket shelves for nearly a century, the answer is simple: Rice Krispies usually come adorned in a better than average box.

From that ever-seductive azure blue, to the smiling faces of that cheeky trio – Snap, Crackle, and Pop themselves – there’s something heartening about the mere sight of a box sat atop a breakfast table. Or maybe that’s just how we’ve decided to deal with the fact that our parents wouldn’t buy us the (more than) slightly-tastier Ricicles.

The lads have changed slightly over the years, evolving from rosy-cheeked cartoon characters in the early-50s to the slightly less rosy-cheeked cartoon characters that stare down at harried parents from the shelves of Sainsbury’s from Stockport to Sizewell here in 2018, but they’ve always managed to shift a cereal that could be a pretty hard cell.

To celebrate the Rice Krispie’s big day, why not stumble down memory lane with a selection of adverts and old and new?