Rick and Morty’s Exquisite Corpse trailer features 22 animators including Simon Landrein and Bendik Kaltenborn

17 July 2017

Last night Adult Swim released its latest trailer, titled Exquisite Corpse, for the new series of Rick and Morty, out 30 July, and it is expectedly mental – not to mention a fantastic collaborative cocktail of animation techniques. Directed by Matt Taylor with animation production studio Titmouse, the film begins with Morty accidentally spilling the contents of one of Rick’s experiments (which later turns out to be pure LSD) paving the way for a brilliant trip through dozens of animated sequences by a plethora of talent from all over the world.

Sequences were made by the likes of Simon Landrein (watch his talk at Nicer Tuesdays here) and Todd Terje collaborator Bendik Kaltenborn, plus 20 others: Nigel Clark, Greg Sharp, Hombre McSteez, Andy Baker, Scorpion Dagger, Sick Animation, Jisu Kim, Daniel Britt, Max Winston, Ryan Quincy, Alex Schubert, Richard Mather, David Gemmill, Amy Lockhart, Genis Rigol Alzola, Sander Joon, Devin Flynn, Marco Imov, Shogo Tsuri and Lale Westvind.

Matt says on his blog that he “personally selected artists from around the world to contribute animated segments that would all link together. An amazing puzzle to solve and the process went incredibly smooth and resulted in a beautiful work of visual art. Heartfelt thanks to the artists and those who gave me this opportunity and trusted in my creative tastes.”

The director also worked with Jason DeMarco and Jennifer Kearns at Adult Swim, and Ben Kalina and Will Feng at Titmouse. The short is soundtracked by an instrumental version of Run The Jewels’ Thursday in the Danger Room.

Simon Landrein told us of the approach to his segment: “I was thinking of the best/worst scenario for Jerry.”

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