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Rihanna’s new advert shows that her make-up line is for all genders


Fenty Beauty

Rihanna has been long known for her ever-evolving style. The latest advert from her beauty line Fenty Beauty meditates on the idea that not only is make-up a means by which to reflect a mood to the outside world, but most crucially, that it can be used by all genders.

My Fenty, My Mood features social media star Kwaylon Rogers, who performs under the name BlameitonKway. “My Fenty, my mood,” opens the comedian, before the film cuts to show him slicked in red lipstick and dressed in a red silk dressing gown straddling a gold chair — perhaps in homage to Rihanna’s notorious Pour It Up video.

Next, we see BlameitonKway wearing pink lipstick to match an all-baby pink aerobics look as he leads an exercise class. We follow the comedian through a hilarious sequence demonstrating the different moods Fenty Beauty lipsticks have the power to convey.

The one minute advert was directed by Elijah Steen.