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Artist Robin Bell projects images of Putin on Trump Soho hotel in New York


Multimedia artist and activist Robin Bell has staged a protest performance at the Trump Soho hotel in New York. Huge projected images were cast on the hotel’s facade, one depicting Vladimir Putin alongside the statement “Happy to Help, Bro” in English and Russian.

Other projected artworks were brandished with statements such as “Follow the Money” and “Laundering services available” on the backdrop of a Russian flag. While the images were projected, a group of protestors dressed in military uniforms marched across the road to the hotel and lined up in front, waving a Russian flag.

Robin, an artist based in Washington DC who’s become known for his projected protest works over the last few years, claimed credit for the display by tweeting: “Hi @realDonaldTrump, I’m projecting #followthemoney on the SoHo Trump hotel. On #nationaldollarday of all days.” The event took place on Monday 7 August and according to local news sources, no arrests were made.

In May, Robin projected text on the front of the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC stating “Emoluments welcome” and “Pay Trump bribes here”, and in late November 2016 emblazoned “Experts agree: Trump is a pig” on the same site during a protest. He also gained notoriety in 2015 for projection-mapping poo emojis on the outside of a Subway branch in his home city.


Robin Bell


Robin Bell


Robin Bell