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Roisin Murphy’s Jacuzzi Rollercoaster is a super-sweaty audiovisual treat


Roisin Murphy: Jacuzzi Rollercoaster

Ok, so autumn’s arrived and that long, hot summer we had feels like nothing more than a sort of sweaty memory, but one of our favourite songs of the season was Roisin Murphy’s Plaything, a pristine, warehouse reader pop-house stomper that should have gone to no.1 in the charts and stayed there till Christmas. The video, which saw the former Moloko frontwoman recreate a rave at London’s The Store X, is every bit as pleasing as it’s chunky audio accompaniment.

Which meant that when we discovered that Roisin had been working on a follow-up, our excitement levels reached giddy stratospheres. Helpfuly, the Roisin-directed video for the intriguingly named Jacuzzi Rollercoaster is a perfectly choreographed exercise in mutation and movement.

Comparing the Jacuzzi Rollercoaster visuals to those of “Plaything”, Roisin says:

“This time a larger leap of imagination was required as we were shooting against a simple green screen, effectively removing the rave and concentrating solely on the ravers. The green screen enabled me to manipulate and collage the footage, the phrase “we’ve left the club and entered the drug” has been a kind of guiding principal. We have gone into the trip.”

Roisin goes on to note that, "the fact that the cast is there for the love is palpable on screen and I believe there would have been no other way to capture and to put on screen the ecstasy and naivety that makes for a authentic club experience.”

Jacuzzi Rollercoaster is the next edition of series of 12” singles, all of which come wrapped in graphics from Portuguese New Yorker Bráulio Amado, and all of which have been produced by the legendary Maurice Fulton.


Roisin Murphy: Jacuzzi Rollercoaster


Roisin Murphy: Jacuzzi Rollercoaster


Roisin Murphy: Jacuzzi Rollercoaster