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RoomFifty teams up with socially-focused charity Intoart for new range of prints


Christian Ovonlen (Via Intoart/RoomFifty)

Affordable online art hub RoomFifty has teamed up with a London-based socially focused design studio and charity, Intoart, for a series of prints created by artists with disabilities.

Working out of Peckham, Intoart was founded back in 2001, and provides a space for a multi-disciplinary cohort of 21 artists and designers with learning disabilities to labour on their chosen practice. In their words, it aims to “provide a platform for people with learning disabilities to become both visible and equal in the art and design worlds.”

RoomFifty’s latest offering sees a quartet of the Intoart members producing a limited-edition batch of prints that will be available exclusively through their online store. The chosen artists — Clifton Wright, Andre Williams, Yoshiko Phillips, and Christian Ovonlen — all have longstanding relationships with IntoArt.

“I met Ella [Ritchie, co-founder] from Intoart at the London Illustration Fair and she told me all about their studio and what they do,” says Leon Edler of RoomFifty. “At the time, we were saying that we wanted to work with charities and explore lots of different projects (we are really excited about changing what an online store/gallery can be), and this seemed like a perfect match up.”

Leon goes on to tell us that having been shown some of the projects the Intoart practitioners had worked on, he suggested they “produce an exclusive range for us to sell on the site,” and then went on to commission four of the current artists. “I knew the artists’ work was good but the prints they have done are so vibrant and original. It’s a real thrill to have them on the site,” he says.

All the profits from the super-vibrant prints sold in this range will be donated straight back to Intoart.


Andrew Williams (Via Intoart/RoomFifty)


Christian Ovonlen (Via Intoart/RoomFifty)


Clifton Wright (Via Intoart/RoomFifty)


Yoshiko Phillips (Via Intoart/RoomFifty)