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S-T designs identity for Unearthed, Greenpeace UK’s award-winning journalism platform


Photo: © Greenpeace / Carlos Hungria

Steve Fenn and Tom Pollard of creative agency, S-T, have created a new brand identity for Greenpeace UK’s change-making and award-winning journalism project. The platform, which was originally established in 2012 under the name Energerydesk, has been given a refresh by the London-based agency and returns with a new name: Unearthed. The new brand will help the environmental justice campaigning organisation with its mission to bring its brand of journalism to a wider, more mainstream audience.

The platform will cover a range of environmental issues from forests to oceans, bees to air pollution as well as highlighting the politics and economics that underpin them. Unearthed is an important addition that will enable the organisation to take on big, risky stories that require time and resources (that many newsrooms don’t have) but that need to be told.

The identity designed by S-T will be used across all digital channels. Part of this is the new website , made in collaboration with ON, that will act as an engaging platform for the Unearthed team to present their journalism across an ever-growing range of subjects areas, as well to as an ever-growing audience. It features a new typeface for the new name that utilises “cut-off” type in order to create a visual anchor point, no matter what word is used alongside imagery. “Unearthed captures our investigative focus, and contains a pleasing nod to our hippie roots nestled in the centre, while the logo design has a techy/sci-fi feel that speaks to our nerdy side,” says Damian Kahya, editor of Unearthed.


Photo: © Jurnasyanto Sukarno / Greenpeace


Photo: © Ferina Natasya / Greenpeace


Photo: © Andri Tambunan / Greenpeace


S-T: Unearthed


S-T and ON: Unearthed


S-T and ON: Unearthed