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New York City Ballet unveils its latest Art Series installation by Santtu Mustonen


Santtu Mustonen: NYCB Art Series

New York City Ballet (NYCB) has unveiled its fifth annual Art Series commission, a painting and video series by Brooklyn-based Finnish artist Santtu Mustonen. The works will be on display at the ballet company’s headquarters, the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center, New York, until 26 February.

Santtu’s paintings feature abstract and fluid brushstrokes, which come to life in a hypnotic, large-scale film installation that forms the centrepiece of the commission. These are inspired by the artist’s background in figure skating, and his brief stint in ballet, and are intended to make best use of the vast internal space of the theatre.

Santtu has previously worked with The Academy Awards, the MTV VMAs and Microsoft, and produced the piece with creative agency Hugo & Marie.

Launched in 2013, the NYCB Art Series has produced an annual commission with contemporary visual artists including Faile, JR, Dustin Yellin and Marcel Dzama.


Santtu Mustonen: NYCB Art Series


Santtu Mustonen: NYCB Art Series