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Unmasked Secret 7” record sleeve designers include Jean Jullien, Jenny Holzer and George Hardie


Jean Jullien: The Less I Know The Better, Tame Impala

Secret 7” has unveiled the artists behind this year’s collection of record sleeves following its auction on 2 May. Unique works by Jean Jullien, Anish Kapoor, Paul Smith, Jenny Holzer, George Hardie and Bob & Roberta Smith make up some of the 700 different sleeve designs, but the creators’ identities were kept under wraps until after the exhibition at Sonos Studio in Shoreditch was finished. All remaining sleeves from the auction — including pieces by Gavin Turk, Stephen Jones, Kate Gibb and Patternity — are now for sale on Amnesty International’s eBay page, to continue raising money for the charity.

Jean Jullien, Anish Kapoor and Gavin Turk all chose to create cover artwork for Tame Impala’s The Less I Know The Better. Paul Smith shot a discarded pile of paint tubes for his sleeve for The Jam’s Art School, while Jenny Holzer’s design for At Last by Etta James shows a photograph of Barack and Michelle Obama meeting 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin. Bob & Roberta Smith’s piece, also for The Jam’s song, depicts the words “Art Music Freedom”.

Other artists involved included Cheryl Dunn, Thierry Noir, Marina Willer, Tom Dixon, Rob Ryan, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Anthony Burrill and Jean Jullien. Art and vinyl collectors reportedly queued outside for up to 36 hours ahead of the sale.


Paul Smith: Art School, The Jam


Gavin Turk: The Less I Know The Better, Tame Impala


Jenny Holzer: At Last, Etta James


Bob & Roberta Smith: Art School, The Jam