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Snøhetta designs Europe’s first underwater restaurant in Norway


Snøhetta: Under, photography by Ivar Kvaal

While restaurant experiences are becoming ever-more daring, like the dining in the sky experience or any other kind of Chef’s Table-esque elaboration, Snøhetta has gone above and beyond in their design of Europe’s first underwater restaurant called Under.

The Norwegian architecture studio will welcome diners to Lindesnes, Norway later this month to dine in the richly atmospheric setting of restaurant come underwater lair. Located at the southernmost point of Norway’s coastline, this uniquely situated piece of architecture looks like a half-sunken cabin at first glances.

However the restaurant’s whereabouts has been specifically chosen for its biodiversity and abundance of natural life where the sea storms from the north and south meet, creating a unique confluence. Under is not only a restaurant to remember, it will also act as a research centre “providing a tribute to the wild fauna of the sea and to the rocky coastline of Norway’s southern tip”, as stated in the press release.

The 34-meter long monolithic form peaks through the water at one end, resting on the seabed five meters below at the other. Over time, the concrete shell of the structure will function as an artificial reef, attracting sea life like limpets and kelp to make the structure their home, and eventually become a hub of biodiversity. Furthermore, the restaurant that will seat 35-40 guests every night has been designed to withstand the variety of sea conditions that plague the southerly location.


Snøhetta: Under, photography by André Martinsen


Snøhetta: Under, photography by Ivar Kvaal


Snøhetta: Under, photography by Ivar Kvaal


Snøhetta: Under, photography by Ivar Kvaal


Snøhetta: Under, photography by Ivar Kvaal


Snøhetta: Under, photography by Ivar Kvaal