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Disney’s Fantasia to be recreated in immersive live musical event in London’s The Vaults


Disney: Fantasia, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Disney’s iconic 1940 film Fantasia is getting the immersive theatre treatment in an event coming to London next month. Sounds and Sorcery will take over The Vaults in Waterloo, where numerous immersive theatrical events have been hosted including the acclaimed Alice’s Adventures Underground. This new event will similarly host a series of installations inspired by the Disney animation, bringing its classical musical score to life in a “multi-sensory” experience.

Audience members will be invited to explore the maze of underground tunnels wearing headphones, listening to the score played by a 96-piece orchestra, which guides them on an “interactive journey”. Each space will feature a “fantastical” environment directed by Daisy Evans – founder and artistic director of Silent Opera – using a combination of binaural sound, 3D projections, set design and lighting effects to reimagine the Fantasia world.

The team behind the event paints the scene in an emphatic statement: “It’s time for a dance with a funky hippo that will leave you in a celestial spin, walk in a prehistoric wasteland to give you goosebumps, seek out the fish and the fairies in a forest of ethereal dreams and, if you dare, sneak into the Sorcerer’s lair – you may find this surreal symphony swells the soul.” Sound and musical direction is by Stephen Higgins and sound design is by David Gregory.

Ahead of the event, the team has also released a behind the scenes “making of” video showing the development of the installations (below), showing its version of the dancing fish from The Nutcracker segment of the film.

Sounds and Sorcery runs from 3 July – 30 September 2018 at The Vaults, London.


Disney: Fantasia, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice


Sounds and Sorcery at The Vaults: Concept artwork by Daniel Denton


Sounds and Sorcery at The Vaults: Concept artwork by Daniel Denton


Sounds and Sorcery at The Vaults: Concept artwork by Daniel Denton