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Spotify wants you to listen to more podcasts, so it’s redesigned its app


(Via Spotify)

Streaming giants Spotify have rolled out a new look for the service’s premium subscribers – and it seems to want to drive users toward the platform’s burgeoning podcast library.

Having recently invested around £350 million into what the company describes as the “emerging podcast marketplace,” the decision to nudge listeners into slapping on a pod rather than a pop song on the early morning commute to work makes sense.

The redesign sees the implementation of a two-tab system, allowing subscribers using the app on their phones or tablets to merrily hop between music and podcasts.

Spotify describes the rejigged look and feel as “sleeker, cleaner, smarter.” The sleek’n’streamlined redesign is, they say, intended to “get you to the content you want faster,” while making staying up-to-date with podcasts on Spotify a “seamless, personalised experience.”

And that, we suppose, is what life’s all about in topsy-turvy 2019: seamlessly consumed content experiences.


(Via Spotify)


(Via Spotify)


(Via Spotify)