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Steph Davidson creates 90s net-art cover for Bloomberg Businessweek’s Zuckerberg interview


Steph Davidson: Bloomberg Businessweek cover

Steph Davidson has designed a 90s net-art-inspired cover for Bloomberg Businessweek’s latest issue, out 28 July. Retro, rainbow-gradient, 3D type by Braulio Amado announces the coverline, Nerd Goggles, for a feature interview with Mark Zuckerberg about his plans for virtual reality company Oculus, which Facebook acquired in 2014 for $2bn.

The image features a surreal, waxwork-like Zuckerberg with glazed eyes, holding the Oculus headset to a bedazzled user. The two appear to be inside a blank virtual grid, waiting for their world to load. Steph also shared this rejected version with a terrifyingly smooth, virtual Mark Zuckerberg.

James Singleton from Bloomberg Businessweek’s design team followed a similar theme for the online version of the article, creating a brilliantly bizarre would-be VR Facebook called Zuckerworld. It’s interactive, via a glossy dismembered arm, which you can use to “like” posts in a weird Sims-like bedroom.

See more of Steph’s bonkers internet art and illustration here.


Zuckerworld: Bloomberg Businessweek


Zuckerworld: Bloomberg Businessweek