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PAN’s Stine Janvin’s new music video by Rihanna collaborator Erik Ferguson is a creepy-crawly classic


Like Holly Herndon or Katie Gately, Norwegian musician Stine Janvin loves to experiment with the limits of the human voice. Now signed to Bill Kouligas’ much loved avant-garde record label PAN, her latest release is Fake Synthetic Music, an album that’s also a stage piece for voice, echo and lights designed by Morten Joh, and a collaboration with video artist Erik Ferguson.

“I discovered Erik when I randomly saw his work at a gallery in Brooklyn, New York in 2017. I was completely mesmerised by the bizarre style and how his animations seemed so organic and natural,” Stine tells It’s Nice That. “I had never seen anything like it, and I immediately saw the connection to my ‘fake synthetic’ work, which is based on the complete opposite idea; making something natural appear as artificial. When the gallerist told me he was Norwegian, it was just so incredibly random and weird, so I asked her for his email address. A couple of weeks later, I wrote to ask if he would be interested in making something to my music, and of course he turned out to be the most down to earth and jovial guy ever. We still haven’t actually met in person, but he already feels like an old friend.”

These two new-old friends have come together to create one of 2018’s most uniquely disquieting music videos. Erik, who has previously created visual work for everyone from Rihanna to St Vincent, has turned in a globular, gruesome, and genuinely eye-catching slab of hi-res grotesquery.

Grim renders of what look like sentient intestinal tracks snake around the screen, slowly merging and mutating with fatty sacks full of god knows what. While it might not be the most suitable thing to watch as you glug down the first coffee of the day, if you’re anything like us you’ll find yourself drifting back to it time and time again – though it’s probably not worth wondering too much about why that might be.

Watch it exclusively below, here on It’s Nice That. We are not accountable for any nightmares you may have.