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Parallel Teeth takes over a billboard the size of five tennis courts for an Xmas special

Any It’s Nice That reader lucky enough to find themselves in Hong Kong over Christmas – and, sadly for us, we’ll going as far as sunny Hunstanton on the North Norfolk coast – might catch themselves gawping at an animated project of a jaw-dropping size and scale.

Coming in at a whopping 72 by 19 metres, the CVISION LED wall, which is affixed to the SOGO Causeway Bay department store is the roughly the size of five tennis courts smooshed together.

The Hong Kong store has asked Antipodean animator Robert Wallace, AKA Parallel Teeth, to fill the screen with his trademark array of colourful and kinetic characters. “Sogo Hong Kong got in touch after they saw my MTV ident about a shaman’s cooking adventure, so I think they found me from that,” he tells It’s Nice That.

Naturally, we wondered what working to such a vast, frankly ludicrous, scale was like. Robert says that “Working with non-standard ratios lets you explore different kinds of compositions which wouldn’t work as well on a 16:9 crop,” which he describes as “fun.”

The project is a collaboration between Robert and London-based production unit Strange Beast. If you want to get us a Christmas present to say thank you for another year of stellar content, we wouldn’t say no to a return flight to Hong Kong to check this out in the flesh for ourselves. Thanks in advance.


Parallel Teeth/Strange Beast/Sugo


Parallel Teeth/Strange Beast/Sugo


Parallel Teeth/Strange Beast/Sugo