Studio Alessia Oertel gives learning platform FutureSchool.AI a captivating identity

Running online courses for learners aged 14-17, FutureSchool.AI aims to foster a sense of curiosity with its future-focused branding.

11 July 2023

How do you design for teens? It’s a question Studio Alessia Oertel faced in its latest project – an identity for an online learning platform for 14-17-year olds. FutureSchool.AI challenges the idea that teens are not yet ready for the same learning opportunities “as their slightly older colleagues”, the site explains. Offering entry-level courses in areas typically reserved for graduate-level students, like AI and Sustainable Environmental Efforts, FutureSchool.AI needed an identity which would reflect the idea of “future readiness” as tech like AI becomes increasingly incorporated into the creative industry and beyond.

The core audience that will engage with the platform and its learning materials are teens, so Studio Alessia Oertel had to come up with something that sparked curiosity. Custom motion ASCII assets are employed to represent each of the courses; Communication Excellence, for example, is paired with a playful pulsating megaphone.


Studio Alessia Oertel: FutureSchool.AI (Copyright © Studio Alessia Oertel, 2023)

The logo comes from mathematics; a greater-than symbol shows up subtly in the lock-up. This symbol represents the School’s scientific nature as well as the idea of progressive change. Studio Alessia Oertel pairs the symbol with a geometric sans serif and humanistic oblique serif, which have been chosen to suggest “modernity” and “refinement”, a release explains.

Though FutureSchool.AI places emphasis on its ambition to excel and push boundaries, Studio Alessia Oertel departs from tradition and prestige through its colour palette. Yellow is used to evoke positivity and optimism, “while a mix of saturated primary colours adds vibrancy and enthusiasm to the brand”, says Studio Alessia Oertel.

GalleryStudio Alessia Oertel: FutureSchool.AI (Copyright © Studio Alessia Oertel, 2023)

Studio Alessia Oertel: FutureSchool.AI (Copyright © Studio Alessia Oertel, 2023)

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Studio Alessia Oertel: FutureSchool.AI (Copyright © Studio Alessia Oertel, 2023)

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