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Supreme’s latest collaborative partner is…Chris Cunningham


Supreme/Chris Cunningham

Sometimes we recline in our ergonomic, posture supporting, environmentally friendly office chairs and sigh. We sigh long and loud. “Wouldn’t it be good,” the sigh implicitly says, “to work at Supreme for a few days.”

It isn’t that we don’t love bringing you the best in the contemporary creative community, because we really do. Rather, we reckon it’d be fun for a week or two to whack a few .jpegs on a t-shirt and charge a considerable sum of money for them. They probably finish work really early too, and have special secret Supreme tattoos.

With that little fantasy out of the way, we’ll bring you the factual news. Following on from its recent collection with the late, great Mike Kelley, the streetwear brand have released a range of t-shirts and hoodies featuring work by the British music video director Chris Cunningham.

Best known for his work with Aphex Twin, Cunningham has also directed iconic videos for the likes of Bjork, Autechre, and Leftfield. For his Supreme capsule, Cunningham’s provided stills from Rubber Johnny a characteristically disturbing audio-visual work made with the Twin himself.

Anyone wanting to hang around their local skatepark with a still from a Chris Cunningham video on their chest should hop over to the Supreme site, where the collection is on sale as of today.


Supreme/Chris Cunningham


Supreme/Chris Cunningham


Supreme/Chris Cunningham