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Tate Britain announces new exhibition dedicated to artist Rachel Whiteread


Rachel Whiteread: Untitled (Rooms) 2001, photo courtesy of Tate Britain

From 12 September – 21 January 2018, Tate Britain opens its doors to a show dedicated to the career of Rachel Whiteread. Curated by Ann Gallagher, director of Collections (British Art) and Lindsey Young, curator of Contemporary British Art, the exhibition will bring together some of the artist’s most recognisable work, including Untitled (One Hundred Spaces) 1995 and Untitled (Stairs) 2001 alongside new pieces that are yet to be exhibited.

Untitled (One Hundred Spaces) 1995 is marked as a “highlight of the exhibition” by Tate Britain, as it brings forth an installation of 100 resin casts of the underside of chairs — shown in the Tate Britain’s Duveen galleries. There will also be work from a range of smaller sculptures, such as casts in different materials and colours from floors, doors, hot water bottles and windows, plus various other objects.

Rachel was the first woman to win the annual Turner Prize in 1993. The London-based artist’s work sees her focusing primarily on sculpture formed of casts, using industrial materials such as plaster, concrete, resin, rubber and metal to sculpt everyday objects and spaces. At the same time she won the Turner Prize, one of her sculptures House (1993-1994) was controversially demolished: the life-sized cast of the interior of a condemned terraced house in London’s East End only existed for a few months before it’s was destructed, which is when the artist first rose into the public sphere.

Marked as “one of the leading artists of her generation” by Tate Britain, the exhibition will “reveal extraordinary breadth of her career over three decades, from the four early sculptures shown in her first solo show in 1988 to works made this year especially for Tate Britain”.

The Rachel Whiteread exhibition will be running from 12 September – 21 January 2018 at the Tate Britain, London.


Rachel Whiteread: House 1993, Photo by Sue Omerod


Rachel Whiteread: Untitled (Stairs) 2001, photo courtesy of Tate Britain


Rachel Whiteread: Untitled (Floor) 1994-5, photo courtesy of Tate Britain