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Netflix to premiere experimental nuclear film The Bomb, following Tribeca and Glastonbury screenings


Netflix will premiere experimental, music-driven film The Bomb after its successful run of screenings at international festivals including Glastonbury and Tribeca. The film directed by Smriti Keshari, Eric Schlosser and Kevin Ford features art direction by Stanley Donwood, known for creating most of Radiohead’s artwork, and animation by The Kingdom of Ludd. It looks at the “strange and compelling” story of nuclear weapons, from the Trinity Test in 1945 to present day, using moving image assemblages and music.

At Tribeca, the film was first shown as an installation designed and staged by United Visual Artists, on 360-degree screens with a live soundtrack played by band The Acid, which composed the score. At Berlin Film Festival the film was shown at one of the city’s largest theatres with The Acid playing in the orchestra pit. Screenings are planned for London, Sydney and LA before a world tour in 2018.

The Bomb will premiere on Netflix on 1 August.