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Stevie Gee illustrations transform a tour bus for The Pitchfork Review’s Festival issue


For its tenth issue and festival special, music publication The Pitchfork Review wanted to channel the “joy of the journey” to a festival. Inspired by a road trip through Kentucky on John Denver’s tour bus, and the fun that was had when it broke down, creative director Michael Renaud and his team found a bus on Craigslist and set about transforming it for the magazine’s next cover.

First, illustrator Stevie Gee drew a collection of spot illustrations based on the content of the issue. Then Chicago sign painter and artist Shelby Rodeffer was enlisted to reproduce the illustrations across the 40ft bus exterior, which she did in just two-and-a-half days.

Photographer Lucy Hewett captured the bus in motion, colourful exhaust smoke et al, to be used in all its groovy glory across a panoramic four page fold-out cover.

The issue will go on sale at The Pitchfork Music Festival from 15-17 July in Chicago, where the bus will be in attendance with a newly decorated interior and a schedule of events planned for inside.


Shelby Rodeffer painting the bus


Shelby Rodeffer painting the bus


Shelby Rodeffer painting the bus


Shelby Rodeffer painting the bus