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The Store X Berlin launches new exhibition space with Beyoncé-collaborator Kahlil Joseph


Kahlil Joseph: Fly Paper. Courtesy of The Store

The Store X Berlin is launching a new exhibition space on 21 April, which will open with the European premiere of Fly Paper, a film by acclaimed American filmmaker Kahlil Joseph. The Store is a platform that presents innovative ideas and engages in inter-cultural dialogues with innovators and creatives from around the world. The platform already has a number of spaces in Berlin, London and the Cotswolds. The various venues both present and commission exhibitions, talks and events which offer an alternative understanding of cultural pillars like art, music, fashion, design and food.

The Store X Berlin’s new exhibition studio has been set up with the intention of showcasing the world’s most inventive and progressive contemporary artists, musicians and designers. The exhibitions will be commissioned and curated in partnership with The Vinyl Factory, an institution The Store continues to collaborate with throughout its various spaces.

Kahlil Joseph’s Fly Paper is the first The Store X The Vinyl Factory commission to be displayed in Berlin. The critically acclaimed film originally debuted at the New Museum in New York in 2017, attracting over 85,000 visitors. The piece draws on a number of artistic disciplines, particularly music and experimental imagery and chronicles the various impressionistic snapshots of a dream. By weaving together archival and contemporary footage of Harlem, the film explores Kahlil’s relationship with New York’s communities of black artists, actors and musicians. Kahlil, who has previously worked on Beyoncé’s Lemonade and Kendrick Lamar’s m.A.A.d., states: “I’m excited to debut Fly Paper to a European audience, its subjects are close to my heart and its soundscape is the best expression yet of my explorations into the physicality of sound.”