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Traum Inc explores rave culture in a trippy new video for Kenzo


London-based Traum Inc. has created a video and visuals that explore rave culture as part of Kenzo’s SS17 collection launch – that itself draws inspiration from the rave scene. “Past or future, there’s a great deal of optimism in the context of rave culture – it’s all about the notions of unity, acceptance, love, respect and possibilities within the international, interracial, intersexual and non-binary community,” explains founder and creative director Thomas Traum. “This is why we want to believe that this culture will continue existing, growing and progressing , it couldn’t be more relevant in 2017.”

The video combines VHS footage from the New York nightlife scene created by Nelson Sullivan in the 80s and scenes from 90s film Public Trancesport with fast-paced and trippy CGI and special effects. “We see Nelson Sullivan’s work as iconic and revolutionary – while documenting his day-and-nightlife surroundings he also documented the birth of a culture, and invented the format of video blogging – way ahead of his time,” explains Thomas. “This video is our expedition into the different eras, where we created a visual dialogue between the yesterday and the tomorrow.”

Traum Inc. has been a long-time collaborator with Kenzo, working on numerous campaigns with the brand, and has also reskinned the Kenzo website to tie in with the SS17 launch. The digital arts studio has also updated its own website, produced with International Magic (one of It’s Nice That’s Ones to Watch 2017), which provides an overview of the imaginative and innovative work it produces.


Traum Inc: Kenzo SS17


Traum Inc: Kenzo SS17