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Tim Walker’s Björk photoshoot for W mag is as dreamily surreal as you’d expect


Tim Walker: Björk for W Magazine

Tim Walker has photographed Björk for W magazine in a surreal shoot to accompany an interview with herself. Recalling the pastel tones and dreamlike scenes of some of the photographer’s best known images, the set of portraits styled by Katy England also has a very Björk-esque twist.

Katy England’s styling features layered satin and tulle and floral motifs, subverting fairytale and folkloric imagery with a lurid botanical set by Shona Heath, and macabre details. The singer is shown with bedraggled hair and unnerving facial adornments, surrounded by strangely grotesque orchids and other tropical fauna and joined in many shots by a huge, winged insect.

The shoot, coined “daring” and “fantastical” by the magazine, took place in Iceland. Earlier this year Tim also shot James Merry, Björk’s co-creative director, for i-D. During the interview, Björk asks herself questions like “how important is the sexual force in you?” and “what is your relationship with flutes?”

See the full shoot here.


Tim Walker: Björk for W Magazine


Tim Walker: Björk for W Magazine