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Todd Selby’s first solo museum show, The Selby’s House, to take place in Seoul


Photographer, illustrator and artist Todd Selby, also the creator of The Selby, has announced his first solo museum show The Selby’s House at Daelim Museum in Seoul, Korea.

The exhibition will be a mammoth showcase of Todd’s multidisciplinary work. One floor will display photography taken from his three books, including a room for “the people, place and things” he photographed during 2008, the year he began The Selby. Another floor concentrates on his illustration work, including large resin pieces featuring collages, “that help tell a story about the people featured inside of the frame”. Another area will be transformed into a living room and closet aptly named ‘Selby’s House’, including Todd’s signature cat t-shirts.

However the most ambitious part of the exhibition is on the top floor, a jungle room, “an immersive space filled with animals and plants made into 2D and 3D sculptures plus floor vinyls, and vines with hanging animals,” explains The Selby. The inspiration for the jungle room came to Todd when he was 13 on a holiday to Hawaii with his family. “They were in Papua New Guinea, sailing up the Sepik River in an effort to find and take photos of a cannibalistic tribe which was allegedly responsible for eating Michael Rockefeller. The first night on the boat, after dining on crocodile and piranha, he and his brother went to sleep in a room with no windows next to the engine room — and Todd dreamt of the jungle room.”

The exhibition will run from 27 April — 29 October, with an exterior plastered with illustrated vinyls, sculptures based on Todd’s drawings and a wall of animals and plants with cut out head sized holes to take photographs.


Todd Selby


Todd Selby


Todd Selby


Todd Selby