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Tommy Hilfiger to launch new line for physically disabled shoppers


Tommy Hilfiger is to branch out into an area usually disregarded by luxury retailers by making clothes for customers with physical disabilities.

The brand is set to launch a new clothing line for women and men using adjusted seams and openings along with magnetic closings which will make the line of clothes easier to pull over the head, and to enable dressing with a single hand. Trousers will be fitted with Velcro closings, magnetic zippers and flies and leg openings and hems designed to accommodate leg braces and orthotics. It is not the first time Tommy Hilfiger has made use of adjusted seams: last spring, the brand has considerable success with an adaptive children’s line which used the same technology.

The line is made up of of 37 men’s and 34 women’s styles which are inspired by the brand’s existing sportswear collection. Tommy Hilfiger commented that the line contributed to “the democratisation of fashion”.