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Topsafe returns to the ICA with a screening of new work from London’s most promising filmmakers


Dan Emmerson: Gannin Hyem

Online video platform Topsafe returns to the ICA on Thursday with a selection of short films from some of London’s most exciting up and coming directors curated by Topsafe’s founder Freddie Fraser Forsyth as part of Playback Festival.

Frank Lebon will show his first scripted short Lead, the story of a dog who becomes an unwitting accessory to a murder. From director Calum MacDiarmid a Topsafe-produced prison drama starring MC Grindah based around real-life 1800 Gangstersz Instagram account, while director Hector Dockrill and DOP Deepa Keshvala will be presenting Boys From Hell, an Oldham-based documentary short about young men growing up in Britain’s poorest town. Dan Emmerson shows Gannin Hyem, which the half Geordie, half Basque director tells us is “an old Geordie-ism for ‘going home’. It’s a film about whippet racing, Newcastle and being a Geordie.” Music videos, documentary and fictional shorts from Joseph Bird, Duncan Loudon and Tallulah Hood will also be shown.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion from Hector and Deepa discussing Boys From Hell, and Frank Lebon, who will talk about his breakout film.


Frank Lebon: Lead


Frank Lebon: Lead


Calum MacDiarmid


Dan Emmerson


Hector Dockrill and Deepa Keshvala: Boys in Hell


Hector Dockrill and Deepa Keshvala: Boys in Hell


Duncan Loudon: music video for Baba Stiltz


Duncan Loudon: music video for Baba Stiltz


Joseph Bird: Ultradion


Joseph Bird: Ultradion