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Type Directors Club and Monotype announce US scholarship for female students


The Type Directors club has partnered with Monotype to find a recipient for the Beatrice Ward Scholarship. The $5,000 scholarship, named in honour of the first female member of the Type Directors Club, will be awarded to a female student currently enrolled in her junior undergraduate year.

“The scholarship, based solely on merit, will be awarded to a student whose work demonstrates exceptional talent, sophistication, and skill in the use of typography,” says the Type Directors Club. “The criteria for the scholarship extends across disciplines from design criticism to type design and graphic design, since Beatrice Warde was a writer and educator who helped promote Monotype products. Just as Beatrice encouraged the best use of technology, the candidate’s work should demonstrate the application of typography to current media, not only print.”

The recipient will be selected by the Beatrice Warde Scholarship Committee consisting of the Type Directors Club: TDC scholarship chair Gail Anderson (School of Visual Arts), Carol Wahler (TDC executive director); Monotype: Nadine Chahine and Gwen Steele; Shelley Gruendler (Type Camp International), and Fiona Ross, (University of Reading).

Now in its second year, the deadline for students to submit their application is 3 March 2017.