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Uber launches a new city-centric visual identity


Transportation and logistics company Uber has rebranded with a new logo and visual identity. Replacing the familiar black, grey and white interface each of the 65 launch countries will work with a palette of colours, illustrations and guidelines that are unique to each location. “Our new look and feel celebrates both our technology and the cities we serve,” says CEO Travis Kalanick. “This updated design reflects where we’ve been, and where we’re headed.”

The existing logotype has been condensed and simplified, with the curls from the U and R removed – something Kalanick likened to a “1990s hairstyle.” The user interface now revolves around the “bit” and the “atom” seen in the new app logo – the square representing the bit, and the new circle icon being the atom. Somewhat philosophically, Kalanick says: “The unique aspect of Uber is that we exist in the physical world. We exist in the place where bits and atoms come together. That is Uber. We are not just technology but technology that moves cities and their citizens."

The atoms, which define the architecture of the rebrand, are to be tailored to each specific location that Uber operates in. Bespoke colours and patterns have been curated for each city around the world has been inspired by “architecture, textiles, scenery, art, fashion, people and more.”

“In Mexico, we were inspired by Mexican pink and the patterns in the local tiles; in Ireland, from the Georgian architecture and the lush greens; and in Nigeria, from the ankara, which came up again and again because of its bright colors and beautiful geometric patterns,” explains Kalanick.


Uber: The Bit


Uber: Mexico


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