Abc Dinamo, Spassky Fischer, and Yukiko among those in collaboration with Ucon backpack range

4 July 2018
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Abc Dinamo, Spassky Fischer, and Yukiko are among the creative studios working in collaboration with Ucon to design a range of backpacks.

The project is titled, Motif and features 38 designs, each produced by a different creative studio. Jonathan Castro, Plus Mûrs Studio, Studio Fiexen, Grilli Type, Hort, Moby Digg and Leif Podhajsky are amongst those in collaboration. Each will design exclusive, limited edition work for their backpacks to raise money towards aiding homeless communities in Berlin.

Designs include camouflage-inspired sprawls of pink, and green; black and white geometric lines; heat map impressions; and monochromatic marbled splatters and a video of the project will be released later today.

Proceeds will be donated to Streem, an art and design magazine that works towards aiding homelessness in Berlin.

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