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I’m leaving EU: Undivided seeks the opinion of young creatives on Brexit

Undivided has produced a series of Valentine’s Day Brexit break up cards to generate interest its survey that aims to uncover how young people feel about the impending split from the EU. “We believe the voice of youth has formally gone unheard in times before – this campaign created a direct channel into the areas of real political influence,” says Undivided. “It is important that we get as many young people involved as possible so that we have a representative spectrum of data. The cut-off date for submissions happens to be Valentine’s Day – so we created the Valentine’s Day Brexit Break-Up cards as we thought it would be an interesting and creative way to encourage people to get people voting on the website in time for our 14 February deadline."

The organisation is looking to canvas opinion from young creatives across the UK as the nation prepares for Brexit. Established after the referendum in October last year, the non-partisan organisation is comprised of young people from across the UK, including young campaigners, activists and journalists, and is looking for input from anyone aged between 18 and 30. “We are inspiring, collating and promoting young peoples’ opinions on issues surrounding Brexit, and making sure their views are heard by members of government,” says the campaign group, based out of youth agency Livity. Undivided is working with London School of Economics to compile the findings which will be then presented to the government in June with an executive summary available in March.

The organisation is looking for feedback on a huge number of topics including employment, housing, democracy, trade, education and more. Visit Undivided to have your say, and if you’d like to request a pack of cards, e-mail [email protected]