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United Visual Artists sheds light on its work in new film directed by Ryan Hopkinson

In a new film directed by Ryan Hopkinson, Matt Clark, co-founder of United Visual Artists (UVA) takes viewers through some key works by the art practice.

Commissioned by Nowness, the film is the first in a series of three shorts aiming to showcase a range of installations by London-based UVA that “explore concepts of time and nature and ask questions about human experience in the digital age”.

Titled Illuminating: The Shared Experience, the film “examines the use of light as a means to communicate information and misinformation”. For UVA, light has been a medium it has continually used to create art and the act of making it has been a key part of the process for the last 15 years.

Concentrating on the effects of light on an audience, both physically and emotionally, director Ryan and cinematographer Tom Turley feature UVA’s work with British band Massive Attack. Here the film combines “on-the-road footage” with the finished pieces in situ.

A trailer of Illuminating: The Shared Experience is below and to see the full film click here. The next two films in the series will launch 8 March and 22 March on Nowness.


UVA x Nowness: Illuminating


UVA x Nowness: Illuminating


UVA x Nowness: Illuminating


UVA x Nowness: Illuminating