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Design Army creates a series of political chocolate packaging ahead of US election


Designer Pum Lefebure of Washington DC-based agency Design Army has partnered with artisan chocolate maker Harper Mcaw. The (Very) Political Collection is a series of six chocolate bars in sleeves that use a red, white and blue colour palette.

The designs feature a capitalist white elephant wearing a raspberry studded smoking jacket, a depitiction of liberally minded hazelnuts mid protest, a sci-fi vision of the right wing Tea Party, and abstracted images of the democratic donkey and the republican elephant.

“This Election Year collection is designed to give a refreshingly positive spin to the world of Washington politics, stir local pride, and shine a spotlight on the Capital’s (seldom seen but thriving) creative, collaborative side,” says Pum.


Design Army: Filibuster


Design Army: Flipflopper


Design Army: Left Wing


Design Army: Red State


Design Army: Taxation


Design Army: Tea Party


Design Army: (Very) Political Collection