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Vice reveals its 16th annual photo issue


Maria Gruzdeva

Photography fans rejoice: Vice magazine’s annual Photo Issue is back. For issue number 16, the magazine has harnessed the talented of 13 nascent photographers with the “veterans” who inspired them to pick up a camera. The Idols Issue heralds a blockbuster list of contributors.

Established talents including Maggie Steber, William Eggleston, Carrie Mae Weems, Roe Ethridge, will sit alongside up-and-coming photographers Tasneem Alsultan, Daniel Castro Garcia, Tommy Kha and Elliott Jerome Brown Jr, building an intergenerational dialogue between at the artists.

Among the collaborations are Daniel Castro Garcia and Tim Hetherington, Gus Palmer with Jocelyn Bain Hogg and Nishant Shukla with Jim Goldberg.

“For this year’s photo issue, we wanted to do something that stayed true to our commitment to supporting up and coming young talent while also honouring masters in the field,” Vice magazine’s Photo Editor Elizabeth Renstrom commented. “We’re extremely proud of the final product. It’s a rare work that breaks down the barrier between established artists and those that draw inspiration from them – creating something entirely new in the process.”

Vice magazine’s UK Editor Bruno Bayley noted: “While working on this issue, it was fascinating to see these amazing bodies of work coming together. With some pairings the influence – be it thematic or stylistic – was clear, and with others far more subtle, or at times almost totally opaque. That’s what is so interesting to me about the issue of inspiration in photography."


Jocelyn Bain Hogg


Daniel Castro Garcia


Gus Palmer


Nishant Shukla


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