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Cindy Sherman and more bring the laughs in Vice’s latest “light-hearted” photo issue


(Via VICE)

The annual Vice photo issue is always worth picking up, and the 2019 instalment seems no different.

Billed as a celebration of “the absurd, the light-hearted and the humorous” the 18th edition of the yearly, one-off features work by established names (Cindy Sherman, the Toiletpaper crew, Jerry Hsu) while showcasing some of contemporary photography’s rising stats (including Izumi Miyazaki, Todd Midler, and Alex Lysakowski).

The magazine’s editor-in-chief Ellis Jones says: “While brainstorming ideas for this year’s photo issue theme we thought a lot about how important it is to take a break from the real world. We spend so much of our time staring at screens, we can forget how to be creative or how to have fun. Yes, we need to be informed and engaged and aware, but we also need to laugh.”

Creative chuckles come in the form of Lysakowski’s monster-ish — but not monster trucks — trucks, Miyazaki’s pimple-popping perversity, and Lauren Servideo and Lula Hyers’ LA vampires.

Intrigued? The issue is out now.


Jaimie Warren (Via VICE)


Alex Lysakowski (Via VICE)


Lauren Servideo + Lula Hyers (Via VICE)


Izumi Miyazaki (Via VICE)