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We Are Here exhibition explores “what it means to be a British BME woman today”


Erin Aniker

A new exhibition of work by Black Minority Ethnic women artists aims to provoke discussion about “what it means to be a British BME woman living in Britain today”. We are Here features 14 artists responding and interpreting to their identity in contemporary Britain.

“These two identities, British and BME, are often seen as mutually exclusive,” says Erin Aniker, co-curator, illustrator and visual arts editor at feminist blog The F Word, “and this exhibition aims to provide a platform for BME artists exploring their dual British identity.” Erin also has work in the show, and illustrated the event’s key visual. “The increase in anti-immigration rhetoric seen since the referendum to leave the EU last June makes this exhibition particularly poignant.”

Artists featured include Leyla Reynolds, head of illustration at Gal-dem; Nasreen Shaikh Jamal Al Lail, a fine artist and founder of Muslim women’s group Variant Space; and Kariima Ali, photographer and co-founder of collective Black British Girlhood. Also exhibiting are Freya Bramble Carter, Sofia Niazi, Joy Miessi, Aleesha Nandhra, Liv & Dom, Jess Nash, Lilian Nejatpour, Olivia Twist, Dayo Adesina and Danika Magdalena. Joy, Jess and Ellen Morrison worked with Erin on organising the event.

We Are Here opens 7–9 July at Alev Lenz Studio, 73 Kingsland Road, London. Panel discussions and workshops will also take place across the weekend, visit the website to find out more.


Danika Magdalena: Girls Don’t Cry


Erin Aniker: Halfway Home


Freya Bramble Carter: Work in Progress


Jess Nash: Where You From


Joy Miessi: Central


Kariima Ali: Untitled


Leyla Reynolds: The National Interest


Nasreen Shaikh Jamal Al Lail: Hidden Colours


Olivia Twist: Untitled


Sofia Niazi: Still Waiting


Liv & Dom: Work in Progress


Liv & Dom: Work in Progress