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Wes Anderson is behind a new documentary about Blade Runner screenwriter



Wes Anderson is set to bring his highly exacting style to a new role as executive producer of a documentary about Hampton Fancher, the screenwriter behind Blade Runner and soon-to-be-released Blade Runner 2049.

Titled Escapes, the Michael Almereyda-directed documentary tells the story of a man who ran away from home in LA age 15 for the pursuit of an unlikely dream — to become a Spanish flamenco dancer under the alliterative pseudonym Mario Montejo — before making his name as an actor, then screenwriter.

Escapes follows Michael Almereyda’s 2005 documentary William Eggleston in the Real World, Paradise, and this year’s Marjorie Prime.

The documentary brings together interviews with Hampton with photographs and footage. It will be Wes Anderson’s first documentary. The director is also busy working on a new animation Isle of Dogs, which is set in Japan and tells the story of a boy on a quest for his missing dog.

Watch the trailer for Escapes below.