WeTransfer announces Collect: "one app to save everything"

30 October 2018

Don’t tell us you didn’t wake up an immediately think, “Wouldn’t it be magnificent if I had a single app that allowed me to cohesively rethink the way I could save, organise, and share media on my phone?”. You did. Alright, maybe that thought came to mind after you’d read the news that mankind has managed to eradicate 60% of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles, but it did emerge eventually.

Collect by WeTransfer, the cloud-based transfer service’s new app which launches today, won’t help reverse the untold damage we’ve done to the planet, but it does promise to “fill the gap for a simple and beautiful mobile experience that allows people to organize anything from any app.”

The idea is that Collect will allow users to grab, and then share, a whole plethora of visually-orientated types of content, all of which can then be modified and manipulated by the user and their creatively-minded accomplices. It is, WeTransfer themselves say, built for activities like “sharing recipes, collaborating on a house remodel, planning a trip, or creating a mood board.”

WeTransfer tapped up illustrator Roman Muradov to provide what it describes as “cheeky, instructive” illustrations which will, “which walk users through all of the app’s features for collecting, sharing, and collaborating,” and which you can see in the video below.

It is the latest addition to WeTransfer’s suite of tools for creative workers, which includes the presentation app Paste, and Paper, the sketching app. WeTransfer’s CEO, Gordon Willoughby, says: “Collect by WeTransfer solidifies our evolution from a simple file-sharing service to a wider set of beautifully obvious digital tools that encourage creation and collaboration.”

Rather than the text-based approach to note-taking used by services like Evernote, Collect is firmly focused on the visual side of things. “Our users live and create across media and across the web, so we’ve created an app that meets their needs,” says Samuel Beek, the product manager of WeTransfer’s mobile division.

Collect is available now via the Apps Store and Google Play.

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